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Just Guns is the future of how firearms will be bought, sold and advertised by all dealers nationwide and It begins with YOU! We have created the Just Guns Dealer Referral Program so we can leverage our users to reach as many dealers around the country as possible. Each dealer referred will pay you 10% percent of every dollar in profit generated from each dealers credit card sales, every month for as long as they use our system! This radical and extremely generous program will be extremely effective in reaching thousands of dealers and at the same time reward you for helping us spread the word about our amazing system. You can expect on average to earn $25-$50 per dealer per month for life!


Instructions on how to use the referral system:

1)Login to the system, and press “next FFL” to get your first FFL name, and phone number!
2) Call the number
3) Read your script:
4) Click edit, type in their email (confirm spelling) and thank them.
5) If they are not in a rush, ask them how many times they get called for a copy of their FFL license per week? They will say everyday! Then say “well were actually launching a system that is going to finally fix that problem once and for all” Then talk about the system and app:

Just Guns is a FREE dealer management tablet point of sale system that allows you to scan in every gun in your inventory into a Digital A&D book and at the same time automatically post the gun for sale on the Just Guns Firearms Marketplace for FREE!! All your local customers can search your inventory 24/7 on their smart phone! They can see and buy any gun you have in your inventory 24/7, set an appointment to pick up the firearm or they select any dealer nationwide and we send you their FFL digitally along with a shipping label and invoice. All the forms 4473 are electronic, and pre fill with your information along with the firearm you are selling, saving you hours of paperwork and errors. This is the next generation in the firearms industry and we are leading the way, and best of all its 100% FREE!

6) TAKE AWAY: when you upload a copy of your FFL, take a look at the other features of Just Guns and we will review your shop to see if it meets the criteria to receive a FREE touch tablet POS system along with our exclusive firearms merchant protection program. Check your email in a few weeks when we will be sending our final application to be the first to get your Just Guns System Jan 1, 2018.

Short version: we do not have a copy of your FFL on file and need your email address so I can send a link for you to upload a clear copy. Whats the best email?

“Hello this is YOUR NAME HERE with Just Guns. We don’t have a copy of your FFL on file for transfers and need to get it uploaded in our system so we can send firearms for our mutual customers. I can send a link via email to you where you can upload a copy of your FFL to our system. What is the best email address for you? (They will enter the email address into the referral system to send the email to them).

(Once they get the email address) The link I’m sending has some information on the Just Guns Dealer System which is being launched early next year and at the bottom is where you can upload your FFL so we have it ready to go once the firearm is ready to ship.

Question: If they ask who the customer is or for a copy of our FFL*

Answer: “I only get copies of FFLs, the invoice and customer information along with our dealers FFL will be sent to you and included in the shipment”

Question: “What is Just Guns? Where are you located?”

Answer: “Just Guns is a free dealer tablet system which manages and automates everything about your business. Digital A&D books which allows you to scan in every gun in your inventory which logs them into your books and posts them for sale on our marketplace for free! So every single gun is automatically posted on the marketplace without paying a penny! These guns are then searchable by your local customers based on the geolocation of their phone. So a local customer searching for a gun you have in inventory will be displayed on our Just Guns App with your listing automatically. Just Guns has digital 4473 which automatically populate which saves you hours of work and reduces errors to ensure 100% ATF compliance at all times. And that is just the beginning, the link to upload your FFL will also have all the details on the system and how to pre-register for the FREE tablet and system.

Question: How can you offer a FREE system? Whats the catch?

Answer: Just Guns system is free. Once your registered we send you a tablet with the software pre-configered with your dealer information and settings. Like Amazon, Just Guns has a built in credit card processing account to ensure the system works right out of the box unlike Guns America or Gun Broker which require you to bring your own merchant account and gateway. Just Guns doesn’t charge a monthly or any fees, only a flat 3% on credit card transactions, which can be passed along to your customers like other online sites. If you compare the cost of Guns America or Gun Broker to our system, it is about half the cost and does so much more then any website can offer. Remember, all of your guns are advertised automatically on our marketplace for FREE! There are no listing costs, so back end % fees or monthly fees. Because we incorporate the credit card processing within our system, we do not need to charge listing fees or additional percentages for each gun like Gun Broker and Guns America. Once its all said and done those sites cost between 6-7% of the total sales price, and make you manually list each gun which takes hours. Just Guns cuts those fees in half, and saves on average 10 hours of work per week! From listing guns online to filing out 4473, everything is automated to save you time and money and increase sales by always having your entire inventory listed or sale 24/7. Your FFL information is also automatically sent to the receiving FFL dealer when you sell a firearm and have to ship it to your customer. If you receive a transfer, you also will get the selling dealers FFL and no longer have to call for copies of licenses. Our system uses FFL Ez Check to verify the FFL is valid and the address is correct automatically. It is the most advanced system ever created and will be the future of our industry.

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